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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Trivia

Little known facts about me: 
  • Personally, I love stuffing and prefer stuffing in the bird because it is more moist. 
  • Also, I prefer light turkey meat to dark meat, which is good, because I married someone who prefers dark meat, so it all balances out. 
  • My favorite dish to make for Thanksgiving is baked corn. 
  • My hubby and I have hosted several Thanksgiving dinners on our own. 
  • The secret to good turkey: buy an oven bag! 

Little known facts about my characters:
  • Bill and Tim Wilson, like to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with their mom and dad in California.
  • Bill always carves the turkey (Tim would secretly like to have the honor of doing so).
  • Tim tried to talk his mom into making chip stuffing ( last year. Sadly, he was vetoed. Instead, his mom set out a bag of chips for him to eat with his stuffing. 
My favorite Thanksgiving-related quote from Dog Tags: "Who knew? By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, she might even have forgotten about what happened during her eighth grade year. Anything was possible."

A woman is shown with a hand over her mouth.

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