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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Traditions

When I was in high school, my friends and I would go to another friend's house in December. Her step-mom provided food, and we decorated their family's tree. Also, we'd watch White Christmas

A few years ago, I bought a copy of White Christmas and have tried to continue the decorating tradition with my husband. The movie reminds me of good memories with my friends. 

Speaking of traditions, at Christmas, Dog Tags character Beth Martindale likes to spend time in the kitchen with her mother, baking and making holiday treats and sweets, including chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes

Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas traditions?

It’s a Holly Jolly Blog Hop


  1. I think I've only seen White Christmas once in my life. Time to remedy that!! I think my two favorite Christmas traditions are my dad or husband reading Luke 2 on Christmas morning and opening the Christmas stockings.=]

  2. Sweet! It's always nice to hear of different family traditions.

    1. PS: Check out my Holly Jolly Blog Hop board on Pinterest!

  3. The traditions at our house include Christmas Eve service followed by Pizza Hut. Strange, I know, but that's us! Then, we open out of town gifts on Christmas Eve and a new pair of PJs for the kids. Christmas morning we open our gifts -- one person at a time, one item at a time -- and that's pretty much it!

  4. Patty, that's a tradition on my husband's side of the family, that I hope to start with our family once my son is older.
    Pamela, thanks for stopping by.
    Karla, I do like Christmas Eve services; following up with pizza sounds like fun!


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