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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Read E-books for Free

If you own a computer, you shouldn't need to own an e-reader to read e-books. Just download free apps to read Nook or Kindle books or your computer. 

You can obtain e-books for free in one of four ways:
(1) Check out e-books from a library. Even if your local library doesn't carry e-books, you may have access to a state-wide e-book library.
(2) "Purchase" books for free from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. On Amazon, you can look up the top 100 free Kindle books and then sort by genre. On Barnes and Noble, you can perform a keyword search for a genre and then sort by price "low to high" to find free books. Barnes and Noble also offers a page that shows free books by genre, but the page doesn't list all genres. Sometimes books are only offered for free for a limited time period, so check back often. Also, always check the price before downloading/purchasing to make sure the book is still free. In most cases, downloading should be free, but be sure to check on possible fees when downloading outside of the United States, or similar circumstances.  
(3) Obtain classics for free through sites like Project Gutenberg
(4) Enter free e-book giveaways

Before I purchased a Kindle, I tried out the Nook and Kindle PC programs on my computer. Please note that you usually have to keep a credit card on file with Amazon or Barnes and Noble if you choose to download from them. That way, if you decide to buy a book from them, you can do so easily. If you feel uncomfortable using your credit card on the Internet, please consider checking out e-books from your local library. However, I would encourage you to check out your credit card's policy for online purchases. In some cases, card members are not held liable for unauthorized purchases if reported to the credit card company (per cardholder policy--be sure to read the policy for your card or speak to a customer service representative). Also, be aware that shopping offline doesn't protect you from identify theft. My state lost a hard drive with taxpayers' social security information on it. Also, before online transactions, identify thefts stole carbon copies of credit card receipts. So you don't have to go online to have your identity stolen. Don't be afraid to go online. Just be cautious and use good judgment, just as you would when you make purchases offline. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Giveaway

I'm giving away an e-copy of my debut suspense novel, Dog Tags, on Bethany Macmanus's blog:

Please stop by! :)

Dog Tags -- Excerpt 2

The Knight’s mind clouded over, like fog settling over the local San Diego metro area. One thing was clear as he sat in his white, sparsely furnished living room: his goal. He must continue his quest to help damsels in distress, ones like Juanita. He hoped she’d listen to him, that she’d understand he only tried to protect her, that she’d appreciate his chivalry. But as he’d learned from experience, the women he chose to rescue might not always be cooperative. Being a knight in shining armor did not always prove an easy task. 

The finger in the jar atop the entertainment center served as a reminder: death was far kinder than the fate Juanita could have suffered at the hands of that other man. No matter what society thought, the Knight had done the right thing.

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