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Friday, November 30, 2012

Review of Garden of Madness

Garden of Madness is a Biblical suspense novel by Tracy Higley. I picked up this book at the library, unsure if I’d like it, but I soon discovered the book is a page turner. The book is about King Nebuchadnezzar’s daughter, which might not sound exciting at first, but the story really is. The novel contains romance and suspense as it follows the life of Babylonian princess Tiamet during a time when much “madness” is surrounded the royal palace. It is evident the author has done their homework because of their close attention to detail. If you like Biblical fiction and or romance/suspense stories, you should check out this book.

A young brunette woman is shown in a palace garden. Her father is King Nebuchadnezzar. Her secret could destroy a nation.

Review of Double Blind

Double Blind is a suspense novel told in first person by Brandilyn Collins. The story is about Lisa Newberry, a young woman who enters a clinical trial and undergoes brain surgery to receive a microchip to help overcome her depression, but soon, her depression becomes the least of her worries. The story involves a series of twists and turns. What I liked best about the book is that Brandilyn does not write fluff. Each word is intentional. Also, the plot is very different and original. If you like enjoy suspense, this book is for you.

A suitcase is shown sinking underwater with what appears to be blood coming from inside it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Carole Towriss and In the Shadow of Sinai

Not only is Carole a good writer, but she is quite an encourager, too. She wears many hats--wife, mother, and Biblical fiction author. Her debut novel, In the Shadow of Sinai, was released on Nov. 1st by DeWard Publishing. 

In the Shadow of Sinai brings the Biblical story of the plagues and the Exodus to life. Carole Towriss remains true to the factual, Biblical account, yet allows readers to experience the Exodus anew through the eyes of fictional characters Bezalel and Meri. While the Exodus is a familiar story for many, the story of Bezalel and Meri is new and brings a fresh perspective to the Biblical account. While set in ancient times, modern readers struggle with similar doubts as Bezalel and Meri: Can they trust in El Shaddai? Bezalel is an artist and slave in Pharaoh’s household. Meri is one of Pharaoh’s concubines. Readers will be drawn in by Bezalel and Meri’s story and will be frantically turning the pages to find out what happens to the characters.

To learn more about Carole, please visit her Web site and enter the Artisan of Shaddai Sweepstakes and/or view her book trailer

A recipe and Pinterest photos

Looking for a good recipe??

My author Web site is finally up, and I've posted a recipe for Beth Martindale's chocolate buckeyes. For those of you outside of Ohio, buckeyes are chocolate treats with peanut butter centers. Yum!!! 

Also, if you're on Pinterest, I encourage you to stop by and meet characters from Dog Tags

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